Wildsider Refined Design and Color

Wildsider Production Update

Last we spoke I was awaiting new design and color prototypes to view to approve before final small batch production. Check out the new prototypes below. 

I am really pleased with the new design and colors with a few tweaks noted below. The new dial looks amazing. The new markers are bright white on red and black dials and bring a load of new energy to the dial which seems more fitting for its namesake. Check out the black prototype below. Note the the simplicity and and update to the seconds hand to all red instead of just the tip. 


Venturian Wildsider Watch prototype images
The Venturian Wildsider wrist watch black dial without a watch case.

Here is the red dial. The high contrast really pops. Changes to this color is hard to translate with this image. Essentially, the outer ring of the dial is not matching the center which is what is now requested. The seconds hand is all black to maintain design integrity between the Wildsiders. NOTE: the compass bezel plate will be black and not tan as this suggests. Please refer to the product gallery for final design colors. 

Venturian Wildsider Watch prototype images in red

Finally, the center of the white dial has turned out to look like a white frost which is quite unique! Like red, we will match the outer dial ring to the center dial. The tan hour and minute hands, as well as the makers do not feel right. A new subdued green/blue color has been chosen and feels more on point with the overall brand palette and compliments the frost concept. 

Venturian Wildsider Watch prototype images in white

We are still on track to deliver in March. You can place your pre-order here. 

For those of you new to this story you can check out the Wildsider on Kickstarter that was live in November, 2022 and successfully funded 170%. 

I'll be back in February with a recap of our adventure in the Canadian Rockies. 

Until then... stay wild!


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