venturian founder jason strong skis down a steep slope in the canadian rockies.

Venturian was founded by graphic designer and avid multi-sportsman, Jason Strong, in 2021 to inspire others to push beyond their limits through exploration. His epic alpine touring trip to the Valkyr Range in the Canadian Rockies motivated him to combine a lifelong love for graphic design and the great outdoors to launch Venturian. Each watch embodies the spirit of exploration, self discovery and the enduring value of design and style from sea to summit and everywhere in between.

Jason is a graphic designer and creative director leading work for the likes of adidas, Discovery Channel, Camp Chef, Marmot and REI to name a few. Through Venturian, he gets to craft something of his own signature style that will stand the test of time.  

The Wildsider is his first watch in the LightFuel Collection inspired by being in the wild and the great times that happen when you are roaming freely. It is impressively crafted and extremely well built after 3 years of research and design. The result? A lightweight, durable, classic adventure watch with character. 

His successful Kickstarter project for the Wildsider during November 2022 gave him an opportunity to reach wide-eyed outdoor community as well as raise funds needed for final manufacturing and finishing. 

A massive thank you for checking out Venturian and considering pre-ordering your Wildsider. We are sure you will love to take it with you on all your adventures.