Finding your true north

Launching Venturian is a dream, but it isn’t my true north. Instead, it results from looking in a mirror to understand why I am on this spinning marble in the first place. It was a journey that started with questions. Questions about who I am, how I live my life, what’s important to me, and more. Until about ten years ago, life was about everyone else—my workmates, family, and friends. And then a song played on the radio that begged a question.

North marker on the Veturian Wildsider 38MM solar titanium compass mens watch — #menswatch #solartitanium #titaniumwatch

The first time I heard the song “Some Nights” by the band F.U.N., I was entirely captivated by it. It was raw, fun, AND thoughtful. In it is a lyric that questions the very pursuit of all of us. The very talented Nate Ruess asks an introspective question,” What do I stand for?” To say I never thought as deeply about a pop song before would be an understatement. It is a big question smack in the middle of this fantastic pop tune. One that put me on a quest to draft my identity, define myself, create some non-traditional artwork, and eventually create Venturian.

I quickly realized I needed to define myself before answering Nate’s question. I needed to think, write, wonder, wander, and search for constructs that painted a picture of me before I could create something of my own.

Words come a bit easy for me, so I started writing. I studied Carl Jung’s human archetypes at work and selected The Explorer for me. It seemed fitting. The motto,” Don’t fence me in,” covers how quickly I get bored. Their core desire is” The freedom to discover who you are through exploring the world.” Check. They aim to” experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life.”” That’s me,” I thought. I was finally looking in the mirror. The strategy of the Explorer is” Seeking out new experiences and new things.” That precisely describes me.

Venturian WatchWorks founder Jason Strong on the shore of Lake Superior wearing a Wildsider solar titanium compass watch #menswatch


I was finally ready to start creating. I drafted my thesis and started drawing, mood boarding, and collecting excellent materials.

I was designing quickly, covering much ground to satiate my desire to make something of my own. The brand I made fell into an outdoor aesthetic. A mash-up of art school and R.E.I. What felt fleeting to me at the time was the groundwork for Venturian. I just had no idea.

For some reason, I designed a compass for my own brand. It was so cool. Symmetry, typography, tasteful graphic elements, form, function, etc. There is so much excitement packed into such a small, multi-dimensional object, and I found it fascinating. I arced typography around the center point of the needle. I loved it so much that I turned it into a desktop wallpaper.


Venturian WatchWorks founders story — designing a compass that would turn into a watch company

As I woke on your average Saturday morning a few months later, that compass design magically turned into a watch in my head. I was instantly hooked. There was no going back. I had found my product, and it was time to create the brand.

Venturian means” one who ventures. “I wanted the name synonymous with my customer wearing my watch. I didn’t want my last name on it. Nor did I want it to be something humorous or dismissive. Drafting the brand strategy didn’t come cleanly or quickly. I hurried through it only to arrive a dozen drafts later. My ADHD got the best of me, and I lost focus, thinking I was” close enough.” Not that this was a misstep. Since this was a side hustle—I had time on my side. I simply wanted to design more than write.

Looking back, I actually wrote a lot in between design iterations. I was simultaneously cracking my thesis on the Venturian signature style with words and drawings. After all, I wanted a meaningful brand, and as I designed, I needed guidance. I needed direction. I had to finalize what Venturian stood for to answer Nate’s question. What does Venturian stand for? 

The answer was more straightforward than I had thought. If I am The Explorer and authoring this brand, then Venturian is The Explorer, too.

  Venturian WatchWorks 38MM solar titanium compass watch inner bezel

The final draft is as follows:” At Venturian, we believe in the power of exploration to enrich lives. And we’re on a mission to pursue something more significant.”

I had already drafted a mantra for the inner bezel of every watch,” For life and mind exploration. For the pursuit of something greater.” Venturian is more than summiting a mountain. It is summiting yourself. It is digging deeper instead of climbing higher. It is for your entire journey in life, not just sporty endeavors.

Venturian WatchWorks 38MM solar titanium compass watch inner bezel

Some Nights have a new meaning for me, and I have stopped my mind from wondering who I am. This has given me confidence, clarity, and satisfaction. I carry myself differently. I am more assured of my place and where I can go now. Personally and professionally. This soul-searching has drafted my own thesis and my brand’s. It has given me a deep well from which to create and design. It has pushed me into the “greater” world, helping me achieve what I thought was impossible. Some Nights have turned my “someday” into today, and I am so grateful to share it with you, inspiring you to find your true north, too.

 Venturian WatchWorks founder Jason Strong shipping out at Valkyr Adventures Hilda Hut in the Canadian RockiesFinding your "true north" means discovering your authentic self and aligning with your core values and purpose. Here are three ways to help you navigate toward your true north, including an exploration of Carl Jung's three archetypes:

  1. Self-Reflection and Mindfulness:
    • Engage in regular self-reflection to explore your beliefs, passions, and values.
    • Practice mindfulness to stay present, observe your thoughts, and understand your emotional responses.
    • Consider journaling to document your reflections and gain insights into your authentic self.
  2. Carl Jung's Three Archetypes:
    • Study Carl Jung's twelve archetypes.
    • Understand how these archetypes represent different aspects of your personality.
    • Look to their motto, core desire, and strategy while understanding their weakness.
    • Share them with others and discuss what they think you are until you feel great about your decision.
  3. Seeking Life Experiences:
    • Embrace diverse experiences that challenge and shape your identity.
    • Pursue activities that bring joy and a sense of purpose, helping you discover your true passions.
    • Learn from successes and failures, using them as opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Finding your true north is an ongoing journey that may involve a combination of these approaches. Embrace the process of self-discovery, be open to learning about yourself, and stay true to your evolving understanding of your authentic self.

Stay wild!


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