Venturian WatchWorks featuring the 38mm solar titanium Daytripper and Wildsider tool watches

LightFuel Collection

The LightFuel Collection. Lightweight and fueled by light. Each watch features a durable titanium case with bold hands and integrated design composition to keep you admiring on and off the tarmac or trail.

The Wildsider is our first edition— a classic compass tool watch with loads of character. It comes on a super comfortable, solid 20MM nylon single pass strap with four stainless steel gun metal rings. Lastly, the compass bezel helps you track your direction based on the sun. 

Our second edition is the Daytripper. This classic dual timer tool watch with date and time is finished with a 12 hour uni-directional ratcheting bezel keeps time in two zones when travelling. The specifications are similar to the Wildsider with a few added upgrades. For one, the finish has a bit more sheen. Secondly, the indecies are applied and filled with super lume making for a brighter glow at night. Lastly, the bezel has a coin-edge grip style finish elevated it's rugged aesthetic. 

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