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The one question I keep asking myself is as I ride my new fat bike is, "why did I wait so long to get a fat bike?" One answer would be that I already have a half dozen bikes. Another would be simply the cost compared to upgrading other winter or summer gear. Nothing compares to the benefits of biking on snow in the heart of winter.

a chilly night scene over lake harriet in minneapolis minnesota for venturian watch works

Those of us that live in the frozen north endure a dark, sedated, mostly indoor existence. Depending on how active you are, that can be a wild difference from late spring, summer and fall.

What I have found is a new challenge that can be as long or short as I like and also mixes in adventure. I have simply loved it as soon as I hopped on the saddle for the first time.

venturian watch works fat bike a framed minnesota LTD

My snow pony is a 27.5" Framed Minnesota LTD. This is a mid-tier fatty for a phenomenal price and really well-equipped, too. It has an aluminum frame, rigid fork and weighs around 33 pounds. I thought this would be a tank compared to my carbon Felt MTB, but it was a riot the moment I pedaled off. It also felt very comfortable right out of the box, too. The ride felt solid and super stable considering the ice below! The wider handle bars and grippy Terrene Cake Eater tires gave me incredible confidence on varied conditions and I have yet to go down even on slippery, wet conditions. 

The 1 x 12 Shimano SLX speed system is easy to maintain and adequate gearing for challenging terrain. If anything, I would like one more harder gear for roadways and descents—a testament for just how fast this bike can be. The Sram Level brakes are smooth and extremely reliable. I have a few plans to tweak some of the components, but straight out of the box I was having a blast.

My physical health gains matched the thrill and speed of hauling ass across a lake backed bya 30 mile and hour tailwind. I sleep better when I put in several days of riding a week (3-4) and my long legs stay in shape and ready to ski at any whim. Plus, my left patellar tendon issue has completely cleared up. What was once a piercing knife under the kneecap is now only in need of a few stretches a day.

venturian watch works fat bike a framed minnesota LTD
venturian watch works fat biking. a side profile of the wildsider says, "take back time".

I must say, the Wildsider fits right into this environment, too. Glancing down to check my time for an out-and-back is quite satisfying. The mantra, "TAKE BACK TIME" is stamped into the 6 o'clock and south position of the ratcheting bezel in Venturian's standard Alpha font. It reinforces what I need to do and inspires me to get after it. And how apropos to staying active in winter and my new purchase. I am living a Venturian mantra and loving it. Especially when I reflect back on the last few winters without a steed like this at the ready. It feels great to figure out what works for me, deciding on it and pulling the trigger.


 My major time stealers in the past have been the following:

  1. Procrastination: This is a common problem for many. I have delayed tasks and wasted time by being lost in thought or definition. Some could argue that procrastinating is "gestating" time to ruminate, think, etc. and I suppose some of that is true.
  2. Social media and digital distractions: Social media and email and filling up my time DOOMSCROLLING—OH LORD! I really try hard not to do this, but when I am fried it is sort of a guilty pleasure. That said, if you have a goal or project this could seriously get in the way as a time suck AND a mental signal jammer. Especially if you compare yourselves to others. This can become a real problem. 
  3. Meetings and unnecessary conversations: Meetings and conversations that are not necessary or productive can consume a lot of time, leading to a decrease in productivity and increased stress. If you let everyone in and/or make choices to help everyone else where does that leave you? Maybe it's time to prioritize your inner dialogue.
  4. Chasing wrong ideas or interests. I suppose this could be friends and/or bad habits, too. Either way, the sooner you figure out certain subject matter in your life is wrong you can begin to make it right almost immediately.

Some benefits of getting your time back are incredible. Exploring your world, pursuing what is important to you, and defining yourself through those choices are essential to living a fulfilling life. Taking control of our time is necessary to create space for personal growth and connection.

A multiplier is spending time outdoors in nature is one way to prioritize our time and recharge our batteries. Scientific studies have shown that nature can have a positive impact on our health, reducing stress, improving mood, and enhancing cognitive function. Whether you prefer a hike, a camping trip, or a leisurely walk in the park, getting outside and connecting with the natural world can be a powerful way to rejuvenate.

I heard about "hard breaks" the other day on a podcast from David Segal of Firebelly Tea. A hard break is a technology free break where you head out for a 30-minute walk, bike or run. Then jump back in. That's what I did today and it was amazing. It really focused me to A) take a break and, B) put down my phone.


Check out a few shots of the Wildsider packaging. I am quite excited about this design. After several iterations I landed on this sturdy, environmentally-friendly, kraft drawer box solution. It has an authentic tactile feel with a stamp on the sleeve. Inside you will find your Wildsider sleeping in a dark gray crazy horse leather pack. On the flap is a debossed Venturian Eagle graphic mark while the logomark "VENTURIAN" is stamped on the bottom. It has a slight outdoor fashion aesthetic with the benefit of using it for other everyday carry gear or small equipment for cameras or technology. I think you will really dig it.

venturian watch works packing close with a leather pack and kraft box
venturian watch works packing close with a leather pack and kraft box 2
venturian watch works packing close with a leather pack and kraft box 3

Thanks for spending time with me. Until next time, keep exploring and pursuing what matters most to you. 

Stay wild! 



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